Birch Gold Review

Update: we have recently increased our rating of Birch to 4 out of 5 based on very few complaints found online. The only reason for missing a 5 star rating is due to the owner’s involvement in the “adult” industry, as well as their promotion of numismatic coins over bullion.

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Birch Gold Group is one of hundreds of Internet-based gold buying companies.

A general review and research of Birch Gold leads to quite a few positive marks. They have an A+ rating with no complaints from the Better Business Bureau, a 5 star rating from Trustlink, and an “AAA” rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

If you are looking for a safe place to buy gold as an investment, Birch Gold certainly fits the criteria. With over ten years in operation, they are not the fly-by-night hucksters that so many fear from the Internet.

Birch Gold History

Many gold companies have not been able to maintain positive ratings for 10 years like Birch. That is a huge win, in and of itself.

As with all investments, it is up to the individual to do their research and make their own decisions. It is hard to go wrong with buying gold as an investment strategy these days. Even when it levels off, you can feel safe in knowing it rarely ever crashes.

What of the morality behind Birch Group?

From a purely dollars and cents perspective, Laith Alsarraf, the company’s CEO is a proven moneymaker. Where he goes, fortunes follow. An investor could do worse, for sure.

However, his adult-related company and endeavors may deter some investors.

One other potential issue of Birch’s operation revolves around the promotion of numismatic coins. On their website, Birch implies that “numismatic coins” are something they highly recommend. If you are keen on reading more about the IMF, you should definitely read this post about the history of the IMF.

Here is a screenshot from their sales page:

birch numismatics

Additionally, on  a potential Birch customer claimed “Meanwhile, this guy keep lying to me over and over. Turns out they just want to sell collectible gold and silver coins at a 30% mark up.”

The fact is, numismatic coins are extremely risky, and many investors have lost their shirts with them. Numismatic coins are collector coins that hold “collector value”, in addition to their gold content. With gold sales not being regulated by the U.S. government, dozens of gold companies have come and gone, and taken investors for a sad, lonely ride with numismatic coins.

On that note, Merit Gold was recently sued by the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office for their practices in selling numismatic coins to unsuspecting investors.

Sellers often tout the fact that there was a gold confiscation order in 1933 by president Roosevelt, and that numismatic coins were protected from confiscation. This occurred over 80 years ago in a much different America, at a time when many other ridiculous events took place – such as women not being allowed to vote. It is safe to say that times have changed. Anyone selling numismatic coins by using the “scare tactics” of a 1933 law, may not serving a customer’s best interests.


In the end, we always recommend that investors call multiple companies, and speak to representatives to get a feel for the way they operate. You could do much worse than Birch Gold Group for sure. In fact, the vast majority of their customers appear to be happy and have positive things to say!

Their high marks at the BBB, BCA, and Trustlink are noted. The only minor concerns could potentially be the adult-oriented history of the company’s owner, and the promotion of numismatic coins.

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