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Rosland Capital LLC, also sometimes mistakenly referred to as Rosalind Capital or Roseland Capital, is a precious metals trading company, which also helps people invest precious metals in their IRA.

This company was founded in 2008 and has its location in Santa Monica, California. The company’s catalog lists gold, platinum, palladium and silver as some of the precious metals it deals.

Purchases and delivery

The company promises to deliver the purchased metals within 10 business days after payment. Some reports indicate the company delivered the purchases before 10 days, but they reportedly have failed to do so on other occasions, and at times did not deliver at all; an issue which has landed it on

Gold IRA

Many people have traditional individual retirement accounts, the likes of 401k and Roth accounts, but feel a need to invest in something that offers more security. Rosland Capital LLC enables people add gold to an IRA. Precious metals backed IRAs provide more security than other accounts because of their long history of steady gains over long periods, and their ability to offset economic turmoil & stock exchange crashes.

Storage of precious metals

Law does not allow customers to take possession of gold purchased for a retirement account, unless they wish to pay taxes on it. As such, gold and precious metals purchased for investment/collection should be stored at IRS-approved inventories and third party custodians. Rosland advertises that they may store the products on a non-segregated, bulk basis, which some investors may not like. Non segregated storage means your metals are stored along with others. Segregated is usually preferred, because with segregated vaulting, the metals are held separately, and never co-mingled with other investor holdings.

Authenticity and credibility

The Better Business Bureau accredits Rosland Capital with an “A” rating, however there are 7 complaints listed.

The Business Consumer Alliance grades Rosland with an AAA rating, although there are 8 complaints filed.

There are numerous reports of such as this one where the customer felt they were “taken”, only to drive down to the business address to find it didn’t exist at the reported address.

Rosland Capital Catalog

Rosland’s catalog lists several metals, in different forms. On its catalog, the company lists palladium, platinum, gold and silver among the precious metals it has available. However, reports from customers and other companies, indicate that only gold is available. While the company’s catalog lists bullion, numismatics, bars and coins, it is reported by some that numismatics are the only coins available.

Additional Reports on Rosland Capital

Rosland reportedly charges a 20 percent commission on the gold it trades. The markup percentage, among other things, comprises some of the complaints brought against the company since 2010; reported and filed at Other Ripoff Report issues against Rosland Capital include rude or absent response from the company’s representatives, and pushy advertising. Some folks have referred to Rosland as a “bait and switch”.

Customer support

Rosland Capital’s customer support has gained some positive comments. The positive comments center on some representatives who helped customers get what they wanted from the company, and solved their issues promptly. However, some negative feedback has also flooded the media and social networks about the company not delivering purchases at all, as well as representatives talking to clients rudely. The company has also received accusations of misinforming clients by posting non-existent precious metals and coins on its catalog.


This Rosland Capital Review sought to highlight and summarize the bulk of the 3rd party comments from customers and institutions on multiple trusted websites. The company happens to be one of the newer precious metals dealing company in U.S., and as such they have had some growing pains. The company has its share of positive comments and some high marks from 3rd party review sites.

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